This is a test. Only a test. I am trying to find what I thought I published yesterday, the first day I joined up with Medium which was on a cool OCT 16, 2020 day. It is a little bit of effort to learn what all these buttons do on this site.

A note that you may find interesting is that I looked up in the dictionary all the definitions for the word medium and it was great to know the depth of what this organization can be based on my new learned understanding of the meaning of medium. Today’s writing date OCT 17 2020. Is it now clear to you that time is on my mind?

Todays date for writing OCT 20 2020:

MEDIUM dict = something in a middle position, means of effecting or conveying something, transmission of a force, surrounding substance, a channel or system of communication, information, entertainment, (compare mass medium) artistic expression, something where information can me stored, go between, intermediary, between the earthly world and spirits, environment in which something may function or flourish, organic structures are placed for preservation or mounting.



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Sherrill Jacob

What a great idea. Glad to discover medium. Oct 16 2020 is first day. “When someone gets something for nothing, someone else gets nothing for something.”