The Deadly Habit of Not Reading Scripture

A long time ago I received direction in an Education Week class at Brigham Young University to start each day with 10 minutes of scripture reading followed by equal time allowed for journaling and prayer. If I have done nothing more right in my life than starting this habit, then I would think my life has been fulfilled. Of all the effort I have put forth, this I count as being up there as one of the most important, next to who I chose for my parents (or did they choose me?) And, of course, my desire to have a dozen children was right there in my belief system from an early age. Smart for me when dating I kept this goal hidden. But I only got six children. Who would have known their father would prove to be a pervert? All of this information is scripture. Scripture to me.

So what is so deadly about not reading scripture? We can refer to the dictionary which to me is a form of scripture. Webster’s definition states that scripture is an act or product of writing. Further, scripture means from the “Bible” and that the writings are sacred and to be considered authoritative. There is mention of the word “awe” and I think to add the word “balm.” Don’t worry, I will answer the deadly question.

I do not worry that if I miss a day of scripture reading I will die or go straight to sinning all day. But I do think not reading scripture is akin to having a day without sunshine. And this is where we refer to the dictionary again to define the word balm which is an aromatic plant of the mint family. The balm I am really thinking of is the ‘balm of Gilead, did you think to borrow?’ That one.

All I can say is there is a difference in my day that has scripture in it and my days that do not. Today I read in Doctrine Covenants which is a modern day scripture started in the 1800’s and as lot’s of scriptures do, repeats words of past prophets. Today’s reading was from D&C 29 verse 24, “For all old things shall pass away, and all things shall become new, even the heaven and the earth…..” Verse 25, “And not one hair, neither mote shall be lost, for it is the workmanship of my hand.”

Do I feel loved to know that He created me and that He has a plan for me to be with Him again? And He speaks to me each day that I turn to read the scripture He has provided for my edification.

And that is the answer to the deadliness of not reading scripture. Knowing that God speaks to me, teaches me, and leads me along is life and balm to my soul, giving me purpose and reason to carry on and endure whatever life hands me with trust in my future. Scripture is my support. I might be alive but I would be living as though dead without it.


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Sherrill Jacob

What a great idea. Glad to discover medium. Oct 16 2020 is first day. “When someone gets something for nothing, someone else gets nothing for something.”