Sherrill Jacob
Oct 16, 2020

To Be

Being right means not being left

Or does it? If you go East all the way

Round the world and don’t look back,

You end up on the left side of right, that’s a fact.

So who are you really? You try to be

One thing or another in order to just be.

And all you do is confuse yourself circling,

All this in order to become, to be.

Are you afraid of being right?

Being wrong is much worse.

And those who won’t stand up

Will hear the accolades of curse!

Accolades sounding from voices of children,

Their children, woeful tale.

Inevitably written on staffs of music, sad and sour,

The tiny voices loud as they fall.

Sherrill Jacob

What a great idea. Glad to discover medium. Oct 16 2020 is first day. “When someone gets something for nothing, someone else gets nothing for something.”